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Antarctic cruise holidays to the wildlife rich 'white continent'

This immense wilderness is a pristine paradise for wildlife with incomparable scenery of mountains and ice. The continent has been the playground for many a scientist and adventurer, but it’s only recently that it has become more accessible for a very limited number travellers looking for a more pristine environment to explore.

Our Antarctic cruise holidays are on the smaller expedition ships which offer a choice of one to four week trips. Board zodiacs to get closer to the ice formations, wildlife and make land excursions at least twice a day. For those in search of adventure, there are various  options available, ranging from kayaking, snowshoeing, diving and camping.

Taking advantage of the long days at the height of the Austral summer you can whale watch, visit some of the huge colonies of penguins, and watch seals that rest upon the ice. The spectacular colours and shapes of the icebergs will astound you as will the sight of soaring celestine glaciers and remarkable cliffs that fall straight into the sea below.

Each of our Antarctic cruise holidays is enhanced by lecturer’s expert in fields such as bird-watching, glaciology, geology, and history.

We also have the resources to take those who wish to the interior of the continent to the camp at Patriot Hills. Although it is too far south to see any wildlife there is the opportunity for activities ranging from skiing to ice climbing and even expeditions all the way to the South Pole.  We can even organize a climbing expedition to Mount Vinson.

When to Go:

Antarctic cruise holidays are only possible during the austral summer between the beginning of November through to the end of March. The Antarctic boats get booked up well in advance especially around Christmas.

All our Antarctic cruise holidays can be designed around a bespoke Latin America holiday. A guide price would be that we can arrange a 12 day itinerary to Antarctic with a 10 day cruise from £7,000 including flights.

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antartica map

1. Falkland Islands
2. Ushuaia
3. South Georgia
4. Drake Passage
5. South Orkney Island
6. South Shetland Islands
7. Anvers Island
8. Snow Hill Island
9. Port Lockroy
10. Weddell Sea
11. Mount Vinson
12. Ross Sea
13. South Pole



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"What an Astonishing trip!! Words fail to describe Antarctica adequately"

R. Higgs