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falkland islands map


1. Carcass Island
2. Saunders Island
3. Pebble Island
4. Port Howard
5. Sea Lion Island
6. San Carlos
7. Darwin & Goose Green
8. Bleaker Island
9. Stanley
10. Volunteer Point





This archipelago is 300 miles east of South America

Consisting of two groups of islands separated by the Falkland Sounds and likened to some of the windswept Scottish islands. More than 160 native flowering plants grow on the islands, 14 of which are endemic.

There is a great concentration of wildlife here especially birds with over 200 species recorded, including the unique flightless steamer duck. Locations like Pebble Beach have over 42 breeding bird species. Amazing colonies of imperial shags, waterfowl and waders are here in abundance.

Magellanic penguins and gentoo penguins are some of the highlights on Carcass Island, while nearby West Point Island and New Island boast rockhopper penguin rookeries as well as blue-eyed shags and black-browed albatrosses nesting in the tussock grass.

Three species of seal also breed on the islands and observing their antics is one of the highlights of the visit. During the stay on the islands you’ll see colonies of elephant, sea lion and fur seals on the deserted windswept beaches and hear their noisy calls from great distances. Often orcas and dolphins can be seen playing in the waters surroundings the islands.

The islanders who live on the Falklands are incredible friendly. The best way to explore the island is to stay in multiple locations. We have selected a number of farms and guesthouses in unique and isolated locations, offering comfortable accommodation and homemade food that allow more intimate wildlife encounters.

We listen to what it is you're looking for and build an itinerary from scratch. We will incorporate the wildlife, history, geography and hospitality of the islands into each of the itineraries.

A windswept wildlife haven

When to go:

The best time to go are in the summer months between October and March.  Outside of that time, it gets dark early and is very cold.  

All our tailor made holidays are individually designed, but as a guide we can arrange a 12 day itinerary to the Falkland Islands from £3,500 including flights


falkland islands map

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